Snapshot a Day

shutters snapping

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My name is Emma and photography keeps me sane. All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Permalink I call this “still life on college desk.” AKA the result of having nowhere else to put my fruit when unloading from the grocery store
Permalink Looks for late summer.
Permalink Pretty city.
Permalink I look in the mirror and see things that I like in the present, but I also see how far I’ve come from the past. ~15 lbs down, 5-10 to go
Permalink My phone can’t even begin to capture the sunset tonight. (at Tufts University)
Permalink Nighttime on a carousel. (at Boston Common)
Permalink You have to find a little joy in each day to make life worth living. And if you can’t find it, make it yourself.
Permalink Honey, I’m home!!! (at MetroRock Indoor Climbing)
Permalink Life goals: get a body like Samantha Wright’s. #wcw
Permalink I love my campus. :) (at Tufts University)
Permalink <3 (at Davis Square Plaza - Statue Park)
Permalink I am ready for sophomore year. (at Last night at home)
Permalink I wanna take her with me. :( #opalgram