Snapshot a Day

shutters snapping

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My name is Emma and photography keeps me sane. I hope you enjoy following my 365 project as much as I love posting it. :D All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Why I Photograph:
*A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. (Eudora Welty)
*You never know when you're making a memory. (Rickie Lee Jones)

Permalink Making healthy brownies with Erin. :3
Permalink Trying to be artsy at the train station.
Permalink Light patterns in the morning.
Permalink There was a cool rainbow patch on the chalkboard in my classroom.
Permalink #wcw and early #tbt @sarabareilles is an amazingly talented, witty, beautiful lady and is an incredible role model for not only women, but people everywhere. I feel so lucky to have been a few feet away from her at her concert last week.
Permalink Healthy breakfast #fitlife #healthierchoices
Permalink Lines and Light.
Permalink Like a boss.
Permalink I know you’re all jealous of my fishy oven mitt. #purgingthehouse
Permalink We’ve got our little black dress on. @sarabareilles #littleblackdresstour
Permalink Lovely day. :)
Permalink I am a fierce fairy princess and ain’t nobody gonna tell me otherwise.
Permalink A small portion of the main control room at WHYY Studios. (at WHYY Studios)
Permalink In the studio with Dave Heller as he records part of the Newsworks Tonight broadcast. (at WHYY Studios)