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shutters snapping

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My name is Emma and photography keeps me sane. All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Permalink I’m really digging this new thing I found. It’s called “confidence.” #selflove #fitlife
Permalink I’m digging these flowers that are still hanging around into fall.
Permalink Dining hall salad #foodporn I love getting creative with my food because it’s always delicious. :) #fitlife
Permalink Summer-Fall in Davis Square ft. teapot (at Davis Square)
Permalink #tbt to 30 seconds ago when I took this selfie
Permalink At the entrance to the trail. (at White Mountain National Forest)
Permalink This is my view right now. What did you do this morning? #nofilter  (at Whiteface Mountain, White Mountains, NH)
Permalink I love my cute little thank you cards. They say “thanks a bunch.” :3
Permalink I miss her already. :( What a good weekend home.
Permalink I love traveling. Even if it’s just a short flight back to home.
Permalink Good morning. :)
Permalink Selfie Sunday amongst nature. #ss (at Mystic River Park)
Permalink Sunday study at the Fells.
Permalink <3 What an experience.  (at Central Rock Gym)
Permalink As far as I’m concerned, female climbers are the queens of this world. #heist2014 (at Central Rock Gym)