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My name is Emma and photography keeps me sane. All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Permalink Day 305/365, Shot 1/1 
So I’m actually posting this from my brand new Droid! It has a really nice 8 megapixel camera which I used to take today’s photo on since I forgot to bring my camera with me. It’s black and white to help emphasize the interesting contrast of the darker rings around the lighter bark of the trees. The shadow of the fence also contrasts well with the brighter sky.
Permalink Day 255/365, Shot 1/1
At first, I started doing this type of quick-movement photography by accident. I rapidly spin the zoom lens while taking the image. Every time I look at this it makes my brain hurt a little. It’s obviously an image of various trees against an overcast sky, but the movement lines make it impossible for the eye not to travel towards the center.
Permalink Day 160/365, Shot 2/2
I tried to capture the gorgeous sunset outside of my house. Unfortunately there are always trees in the way! This time the trees highlighted the best part of the sunset at the bottom of the shot. The tree on the right side of the shot has sort of a soft focus on it, which allows the main focus of the shot to be the sunset.
Permalink Day 133/365, Shot 2/3
Yet another one of those typical, bokeh, holiday lights shots.  The lighting of the sky and tree itself are very dark, which really helps to emphasize the brightness of the lights.  I like how the degree of focus and tone of orange/yellow vary for the lights on different parts of the tree.
Permalink Day 118/365, Shot 1/1
I was really scared there for awhile that I wouldn’t be able to post today.  But hooray for computer science geeks who can fix network problems!
So I actually really love this shot.  I was playing around with freelensing on my way home.  This tree had such funky branches, I couldn’t resist taking photos of it!  I actually shot in color, but the sky was so grey and the tree so dark (and the contrast very strong) that it nearly looks black and white.  Just as the focus deteriorates from left to right, the amount of branches on the tree reduces.
Permalink Day 66/365, Shot 1/1
I saw this tree from quite a distance away and I decided I had to photograph it.  However, the lighting was hard to deal with—I spent about 5 minutes trying to get the right exposure on this one.  The exposure for the trunk itself is not perfect, but the leaves are just what I want.  You can tell just how bright and beautiful the sunlight was here.  I just love that happy, yellow color.  You can even see a young mother and her boy off to the left—more happiness.  I also really like the greener foliage in the back.  One of the branches seems like it’s sparkly, like fairy dust erupting out of the tree.  This is just such a peaceful setting.
Permalink Day 49/365, Shot 1/1
So I was all excited to have some good shots for tonight when my computer absolutely refused to recognize my memory card.  Good stuff, right?  Instead, I’m posting two shots from this past Saturday that I was able to find.  This first one is of our growing weeping cherry blossom tree in our front yard.  I’ve always enjoyed the contrast of dark leaves against a bright sky.  It’s like a silhouette.  There’s a good bit of crisp and blurry leaves alike.  And the branches fall in a nice, scattered way that fills the composition.
Permalink Day 37/365, Shot 1/2
There was this AMAZING fog this morning while I was on my way to school.  I had to capture it.  The fog itself gives a very nice texture to the whole photograph.  I love the gradient effect of the trees from dark and bold to light and faded from left to right.  There is even a little presence of color on the left hand side in the dark red leaves of the tree.  The empty top left-hand corner contrasts well with the full, dark bottom right-hand corner.
Permalink Day 16/365, Shot 2/2
Another shot from the trees.  I really, really love freelensing.  So much.  The same magnificent colors and lighting are presented here in a completely different setting.  The whole composition is bent, giving a distorted appearance to an otherwise simple subject matter.  I love the stark blackness on the righthand side of the frame.
Permalink I’ve always loved this tree and I see it every day on the way to school.  It’s even more beautiful when the magnolias blossom.  Of course, I love the sun in the lower, right-hand corner, but I just love elegance of each branch and bud.  The larger branch overhead makes a great border too.
Permalink Not much time today, but I did explore a tree, which is something I haven’t done in awhile.  I love the little green bits of vegetation on it—they’re almost fluorescent.  I also like the focus of the shot.
Permalink …it seems like it’s fresh out of a film camera.  I only don’t like how it’s a little out of focus, but I still really love the overall composure.  There’s also great color and bokeh effect on this shot as well.
Permalink So I have walked by this bush SO many times during my life, but I have never thought to take a picture of it until today!  The lighting was pretty good (but the sun was going down by the time I got to get out! :p).  However, I’m still happy with the outcome!  I love the focused leaves and the color especially.  It’s like fall cherry blossoms. :)  There’s a nice bokeh effect where the sky peeks through the trees.  There are just four simple colors in this shot, but I love it so!Also, I’m going to post one more shot of this same medium.  I can’t decide if I like it or not… 
Permalink Incredible colors on this tree—my picture does not do it justice.  However, the lighting through the leaves was really nice! 
So I was looking through all of the shots I took in virtually the same pose as this one…I was NOT happy.  My focus was terrible and color was off.  AND my bag kept getting into the picture.  However, I got to this shot and felt better.  I love how it focuses on just my sleeve and blurs out the rest.  I love my little earrings to.  And I love how I don’t look that unattractive!  YAY!